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Sep 2, 2011 5:00pm EDT
honored for saving the driver of this burning car as we cover the nation, next. >> michigan police have a murder mystery on their hands. o woman in her last trimester pregnancy was found dead near a gun range. she wrote on her web page that she would like to organize a class reunion, but that will not happen because her body was found this weekend. authorities said they have no suspects and no motive in the case. that is baffling her friends. >> it is hard to wrap your head around something like this. this is the last person you would expect something like this to happen to, because she had no enemies. >> reporters learned through her facebook page that she was eight months pregnant and did to give birth on september 23. a federal judge has rejected roger clemens request to throw out perjury charges against him and says he must face another trial. the judge says if he wants to appeal, he must ask for an expedited request. the judge said although he is concerned about the prosecution's violation of its orders by showing inadmissible evidence, court law does not allow him to throw out the
Sep 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
michigan is open after a bad crash. a man from vancouver, washington, died at the scene. he crossed the median and hit another car head-on. the driver of the second car is listed in serious condition tonight and police are trying to figure out why the first driver lost control. >> he played jfk, the heartthrob of digit, and the inspiration behind the comic book legend. -- heartthrob of gidget. from pt109 and "charly" the role academyich he won an award. he played uncle ben in the "spiderman" movies. >> i liked him. >> good actor. >> more and more companies are saving by doing key job interviews online. >> giving every student and ipad. my son's school officials think it may work. ? technology, not students should have conversations about cyber safety. >> scattered showers on hd doppler. we will see if anything move is our way. how long will the warmer temperatures last? 82 at the airport, 8po >> good afternoon. here's a look, we're working on for 11 news at 6. the baltimore population is thinning. what can the winner of this year's election do? people are slowly returning to their h
Sep 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
are talking chile of not cold temperatures in northern michigan. the upper midwest only in the 40's. contrast that to 100 degrees and high pressure will deliver that cool fall air into our region. there will be some scattered showers. this does not look like heavy, widespread rain. kind of a cloudy day. the cloud stretching back to pittsburgh. occasional showers mailing your into the afternoon and it will clear out tomorrow. friday morning as chile. some areas may see temperatures in the 40's. a mix of clouds and sun breaking through. temperatures below normal. we start the downward trend tomorrow as the winds out of the northwest coast to 25 miles per hour. showers and a high of 71 to about 76. a small craft advisory on the open waters, maybe a 3 ft. chop out there. especially late in the day. it's significant front coming through. western maryland, some shelle stuff. highs in the 50's. friday morning, likely to be some frost in parts of western alleghany and garrard county. the french will deliver a false bill to western maryland. 75 -- a fall fieel to western maryland. 10 degrees cooler as
Sep 16, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in michigan. he came upon a fawn trying to swim. he released the animal when they got closer to shore. >> she was in charge of keeping the books for a local fire department. was she cooking the books? tonight, she is facing charges on a grand scale. we investigate how that that was finally discovered. >> i can tell you, sometimes they do get a thrill and leave a la >> the ravens have thousands of loyal fans. the players to actually read their mail. >> ravens players receive thousands of pieces of e-mail every year. sometimes, they carry a lasting impact. >> he intercepts it. >> johnson earned attention and the most glorious of fashions, he ducked pittsburgh marched villain. >> i would like to send him a box of omaha steaks. i would like to send an e-mail. >> an e-mail that struck a chord with the ravens veteran. >> he is not a crazy fan, he is a good friend. -- good fan. >> he shared in an e-mail how his detachment began and what the plan meant to them and his five-year-old son. he will wear 95 from now on. >> he goes on to talk about how he wants to represent the whole team. because of the h
Sep 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
exploded in michigan. this happened yesterday near interstate 75. only a shell remains. police confirmed it was a car bomb that caused the blast. all three victims were taken to hospital. the boys remain hospitalized. the atf is investigating and has offered a $10,000 reward to find a person responsible. animal control officers are caring for more than 250 dogs and puppies all found at one woman's home. they had been dealing with the owner who lives in clewiston. neighbors had been complaining seeing the dogs bark all night long. animals are on their way to know kill shelters across south florida. the owner will not be facing any charges because they dogs were in good condition and she is cooperating with animal control. >> comcast is offering discounted internet service and computers to families in need. >> we told you about baggage fees. how about fees for free airline tickets. that is coming up in tonight's consumer alert. >> they think they have found a dinosaur bone at this park in laurel. that is next. >> hd doppler indicating what whether moving toward baltimore. the seven-day for
Sep 27, 2011 5:00pm EDT
specially to the west where storms are popping up. a big swirl of clouds over southern lake michigan which is the storms sending these bronze into the mid-atlantic region and drawing more straw out of the gulf of mexico keeping it warm. until this pressure can pass laws, which may not happen until the weekend, we will be in this unsettled weather pattern. tomorrow will be justike today, mix of cloud, some sun, scattered showers, highs of 74- 79. the rain chance for any one particular spot in our area, about 40%. when that the southeast tomorrow with waves around one flood. look at the way the temperatures trend downward, the cooler weather coming in from the west that will invade the entire state over the upcoming weekend. 70's on the eastern shore with a thunderstorm. the lower eastern shore, the risk of a storm tomorrow with a few scattered -- scattered storms on thursday. it looks like great football weather for the ravens if we can get to the weekend. amex showers with upper 70's and money, 20% chance on friday. most of the drag -- most of the day will be dry. a mixture of clouds and s
Sep 28, 2011 5:00pm EDT
with a storm system that is off to the north and west, spinning its wheels over southern lake michigan. slowly trying to creep east. it is a slow mover. it does look that -- like that will get out of here as we head into the weekend. the rain will taper off and another part will sweep and and maybe keep the shower thread going. as far as precipitation, the rainfall totals are coming up from the south and west and pushing through. heavier downpours on the maryland-delaware border area. some patches of green in northern virginia. mostly light rain. scattered showers will be possible overnight even though we have seen some breaks in the cloud cover late today into the early morning. the potential is there for more clouds and an occasional shower. we are basically in the same weather pattern that will generate the occasional shower. temperatures have climbed into the lower 80's. kind of a summery feel to it. a wind out of the south- southeast. the front has slowed down but it is still generating showers. the moisture is being pulled up into the system off the atlantic. this will take a couple more
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7